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Expression for choosing specific numbers at random 2023年9月11日18:11

I'm fairly new to Houdini, and haven't messed with the coding aspect of it.
I'm trying to scatter a bunch of objects and randomly rotate each one individually. I'm close, but I want the objects to be rotated exactly 90 degrees in one direction or the other. The most intuitive way I can imagine to do that is to input an expression in the randomize min/max value parameters that randomly chooses either .5 or -0.5.
Anyone familiar with how I would do this?

I am not sure if I understood your question correctly, for what I understand you want to rotate some of your objects 90degs up and others 90degs down.If so you can do this by making a selection and manipulating the Normals accordingly .

Creating Digital asset with rop geometry node. 2023年9月11日17:48

Unfortunately this is entirely an issue with the ROP Deadline submission tooling in that it is pretty bad at what it lets you do. It totally doesn't understand the concept of digital assets so as you've found out you can't really create wrappers around Houdini nodes and get it to work. TOPs might be a better option, but I don't have much experience with using Deadline from there. Unless you're willing to write your own Deadline submission code you're probably stuck with using straight ROP nodes

Indeed default submitter is very problematic, interestingly when I tried submitting multiple times it did work a few times, and others it didn`t.Even tops is causing alot of troubles with deadline ,while the same setup works smoothly with HQ

Camera Parameters from Maya to houdini 2023年9月11日17:42

Hello, I received an Alembic camera animated in Maya. The animators animated the flimTranslateH and filmTranslateV parameters along with filmRoll value parameter to create camera shake,since these parameters do not physically transform the camera ,when imported this into Houdini I am not getting the shake(just getting the base transform), I tried to transfer the filmTranslateH and filmTranslateV parameters into winx and winy parameters,which gave me the shake but doen`t match the maya output accurately and has some noticeable offset.Is there anyway to transfer these attributes into Houdini successfully?