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LOP based HDA not working in Houdini Engine Maya 2024年4月25日0:42

Thanks John, I'll check this out.

LOP based HDA not working in Houdini Engine Maya 2024年4月24日16:21

Hey team,

When I am trying to import a solaris based HDA(even a basic one, that just exports a sphere) Maya throws an error saying
"// Error: Invalid argument given: Invalid manager type.",where as SOP based HDAs are working fine. Which to me seems like Houdini Engine doesn't have support for LOP based HDAs, or am I doing something wrong?

Expression for choosing specific numbers at random 2023年9月11日18:11

I'm fairly new to Houdini, and haven't messed with the coding aspect of it.
I'm trying to scatter a bunch of objects and randomly rotate each one individually. I'm close, but I want the objects to be rotated exactly 90 degrees in one direction or the other. The most intuitive way I can imagine to do that is to input an expression in the randomize min/max value parameters that randomly chooses either .5 or -0.5.
Anyone familiar with how I would do this?

I am not sure if I understood your question correctly, for what I understand you want to rotate some of your objects 90degs up and others 90degs down.If so you can do this by making a selection and manipulating the Normals accordingly .