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Crowd, POP & Steer Seek 2016年6月25日6:00

Hey Mr. White

Unchecking Limit Particle Speed to Gait Speed Range did the trick.
Good to know, what else influences the agents.

Thank you so much. Awesome support!

Crowd, POP & Steer Seek 2016年6月24日5:49

Hi guys

My goal is a fish swarm with several behaviors.
First I did a setup with just a POP solver, using
the POP Flock (swarming) and POP Steer Seek (build formation).
This all worked as expected.

Then I thought a crowd setup would be really nice, since I get kind
of a behavior tree to blend the states more easy and I also get
animation clips for the simulation.

Even though I used the same settings for the POP nodes, the behavior
within crowd was pretty different.
I then realized, that there is an avoidance tab on the crowd solver,
which introduced additional force to the sim. So I turned that off.

As I introduced the second state (formation) with a single POP steer Seek
node in it, again, the behavior was pretty off.
Instead of seeking their goal, slowing down and stopping (like in my POP solver setup),
The agents seek their target, but don't slow down properly. They overshoot, come back, overshoot again,
and so on. As if the agents would maintain the same momentum that never decreases.

? Why is that ? I couldn't find any more forces that might influence the agents..

I attached a simple scene with both setups (crowd and pop only).

Would be great if someone could help me out here.

Cloud rendering > recommendations? 2016年6月24日5:25

Also recommend GridMarkets