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Import curve color attribute from Houdini to Maya 2021年5月5日23:55

I found a way.

It doesn't show on the viewport like when using polygons, but the attribute still there.
The only thing you have to do is to connect a "UserDataColor" (will depend of your render engine) on Hypershape on Maya and type the custom attribute name exported from Houdini.

Note: The attribute must be a vertex attribute.

align object to velocity direction 2020年10月13日21:31

Hey guys! I dig up this topic cause I've a related doubt.

What if, for example, my particles are a fish cluster swimming aligned to its velocity, who stops at some point and we'd like them to point at a specific direction?

I'm not sure if I'm doing rigth, but bellow is how I'm trying to blend the velocity orientation (p@vel_orient) with the target orientation (p@target_orient).

//Blend from velocity orientarion to target orientation
@orient = lerp(p@vel_orient, p@target_orient, chf(“blend”));

The target is working fine, but I'm stucked in how to replicate the same align to velocity behaviour to save under the p@vel_orient attribute in order to work with the interpolation?

Or, if there is a better way, please let me know. Thanks!


I found this other discussion answered by Matt (tokeru) []

The code bellow does the trick, but the orientation gets crazy when the speed gets closer to zero.
p@vel_orient = dihedral({0,0,1} ,@v);

A blur in the velocity make it better but don't fix all the problem.
Now I'm trying to fix that.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Q: telling PDG "failed" is actually "OK" 2020年6月6日16:56

You can set your ‘Cache Mode’ parm to ‘Read’ or ‘Automatic’ and re-cook your node. It should pick up the expected output and all your items as cooked right away.

What if we are using ROP Alembic? Like when we have a heavy mesh been exported in a single file, where some frames are failing?

A workaround would be to export an alembic sequence… But I've no sure if there is a way to merge them together later or if we have to create another task just for this.