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Solaris getting explorevariants to randomize instances 2023年2月4日4:37

Hi. Thanks so much!. ;-)


Solaris getting explorevariants to randomize instances 2023年2月3日3:52


I am planning on teaching a few layout things in Solaris on Monday. I have made an object with variants of a blue box and a redish sphere.

I am trying to scatter them using the: layout LOP, Copy to points LOP and the Instancer LOP. Just to show three ways to work on layout.

I know I am really close, but I am not able to get the explore instance to randomly switch between the two shapes correctly on any of the three examples. Has anyone go this to work? I have been Googling and found some answers but not all. Thanks in advance!



Debate question - why would we want SideFX to upgrade COPS? 2022年11月23日11:24

Hi. Can you image the new system with PDG added in. There is nothing like PDG in any other app I have used. Best