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Official Labs Vertex Animation Textures 3.0 FAQs and Links 2022年4月12日18:19

Is there a hlsl shader example which reads a sideFX Labs VAT anywhere?

(I tried outputting a unity .shader from one of the older implementations of VAT but never got it to generate a file.)

A 'generic' non-engine specific example of a vat vertex shader would be great for situations with custom pipelines or odd use cases.

Cheers and as always great work Labs team, your tools are amazing!

getting camera transform? SOLVED 2022年1月7日22:31

I'm glad it helped I'm pretty sure there's a more direct or cleaner way to get the camera position, if anyone knows a better trick let us know, in the meantime at least this gets the job done, cheers. - AM

Vertex Animation Textures - Unity Tutorial 2021年12月3日8:49

I've been working thru the same workflow... I was able to get the package properly installed in unity 2021.2.4f1 with URP 12.

Unfortunately I am not getting an animated result when I go thru the tutorial, I'm not sure if it's a shader issue or if I maybe did something wrong when I exported my VAT assets. Next step is to try the same workflow with the example assets and make sure the process isn't broken.

(time passes) Hmmm, I follow the workflow with the fluid from the tutorial and get the same result - I bring in the fbx and textures, apply the presets, apply the textures to the material, apply the material to the fbx and the result is the same: the same cloud of triangles, just black, no animation.

Can someone else look into this and confirm if there's a reproducible issue?

Ultimately I'd like to try VAT with Unity 2020.3.24 and see how it performs. I'd also like to see PopcornFX supported in the latest iteration of the ROP the way it initially was... I'm not sure if that comes from Labs or if the popcorn peeps need to do something on their end?

The VAT exporter ROP is very exciting, keep up the amazing work guys! Labs tools are the best!