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Material Library cannot see inside subnets? 2022年9月27日12:01

I like to save my material libraries as HDAs so they can be easily synchronized. But I can't get the Material Library to pick up my materials when they are inside an HDA, or even inside a subnet within the Material Library. Nothing inside a subnet gets the Solaris Material Flag, instead it's like an ordinary material network.

Is there a different workflow I might use to import these materials?

Any houdini 19.5 rumors? 2022年6月18日10:03

Hoping for character animation tools!

Any rumours of Houdini 19? 2021年8月18日14:54

Here is my wild guess as to what we might see in H19. At the beginning of the release talk for H18.5, Cristin Barghiel stated that SideFX considers the current KineFX system to be only a starting point for character animation in Houdini. Houdini 19 could become "The Character Animation Release" if they have invested time building the right tools. If they add a robust procedural system for creating animation controllers, improve tools such as weight painting and blendshapes, speed up viewport playback with GPU node evaluation, and revamp the (horrible) graph editor and animation UI to make it fun for animators, they could plug one of the biggest gaps in Houdini becoming full-pipeline software.

I am eager to escape the clutches of Maya so this may also be a bit of wishful thinking. But it could happen