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Modeling with houdini any good ? 2012年2月10日8:04

You can model anything with Houdini. The thing that bothers a lot of people and what lots of thread end up being about is a comparison of different features found in other packages and the time it takes to model in Houdini and the lack of viewport destructive modeling tools/handles. Now, If you can ignore the things I´ve just mentioned and just model with what Houdini offers then you have great modeling toolset in Houdini. It is what it is and you can do all types of models and a lot of tricks in H you wont find elsewhere. And as adrianlazar says Houdini is the king of props/assets.

All the rules that concerns topology is the same in Houdini as everywhere else so you do not need specific character modeling tutorials for Houdini. The polygon tools is the same for any type of shape and Nurbs are Nurbs. With that being said I personally use Wings3D for most of my polygon modeling even when I have done jobs in Maya to many is very solid modeling and I have lots of mel scripts there to aid the modelling but to me wings is my ideal polymodeller, Im good. But most of that is based on the fact that I can do preselection and some other stuff that is really fast in Wings, perhaps H12 will lure me back in to the polydungeon in H. So try it and if you like it stick with it and if not use a dedicated modeling app as companion.

Odforce down? 2011年12月13日2:33

Yeah I been having difficulties accessing Odforce on and off for some weeks now, hope it all solves for you guys.

GoZ support for Houdini? 2010年12月3日17:44

Does anyone know if sidefx is working on GoZ support for ZBrush interaction?
I know Maya, CD4 and Modo already support it, would be great if Houdini is working on it.

http://www.pixologic.com/zclassroom/homeroom/tutorial.php?lesson=GoZ [pixologic.com]

My guess is that it is at least possible to make one. If one can do a connection for Maya then why not for zbrush.

http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=20539 [sidefx.com]