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Houdini has no icons in Snow Leopard 2010年2月18日11:05

I have seen a couple of topics regarding this problem but couldn't solve it yet. Here is the terminal output, anyone has a solution for this ?

Houdini requires X11 to be installed on your Mac. X11 is available from Apple, or on your OS X install DVD. Houdini itself does not use X11, but a helper program that we use to generate our icons does. We hope to eliminate that dependency in the future.

I hope that helps!

No icons in Houdini 2010年1月20日8:19

thanks. i get the error, no such file or directory. i can't seem to find that path so im not sure where to refer it to.

The ~ refers to your home directory. So ~/Library/Preferences/houdini would be under your home directory.

Anyway, just try installing the latest version of Houdini from the link I gave above and see how it goes.

No icons in Houdini 2010年1月19日20:50

how do i enter that code? sorry im pretty new to macs.

Run the application /Applications/Utilities/Terminal

That's how you start up a “UNIX shell”. That command is a unix command. Just past it in and hit return. You will be asked for your password.

Note that your username is the name that's beside the house icon on the left side of the Finder.

Hope that helps!