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Foor loop, acsess the Nth 'merge' iteration 2023年6月8日6:48

Tomas, you're a true savior, never thought of this clever usage of Switch-if node!
Thank you veeeeeeeeery much.

Foor loop, acsess the Nth 'merge' iteration 2023年6月7日13:16

Theoretically, I could use a Solver sop node inside the loop to accumulate every feedback if I set it to.
but couldn't get a solution for that!

Foor loop, acsess the Nth 'merge' iteration 2023年6月7日6:12

Hello guys

I have a for loop with a bunch of nodes in it for creating curves.
but I need each curve to look at the merged result of the previous iteration and check if there are more shared points than a threshold or not and if yes, delete this created curve and move on to the next iteration.

I need you geniuses to help me how I can get this data.
for this example, copying the Block Begin node and setting it to "fetch feedback" doesn't work because It returns just the last iteration result not the merged result to that point.

thank you in advance