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Importing USD and alembic cameras from Maya in Houdini 2024年7月15日5:57

I have sme problem here I think. When I import USD camera I have different view in Houdini compared to Maya. Just simple example what is right out of the camera FOV in Maya, it is still visible in Houdini with imported USD camera. I tried matching it with edit camera node but no luck.. it should match when FOV and aperture numbers are same but does not work here. Any ideas?

Scene Animate/layering animation 2024年7月12日12:17

And SideFX added animation layers. Thank you for Houdini 20.5

Animation Company - learning experiences about animation 2024年7月12日12:16

Hey David!
I'm here as well to look more into animation in Houdini.
Long time Softimage and Maya user, looking forward to switch to Houdini completely in animation as well.