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Mantra is failing in PDG network 2023年1月23日0:55

Hi guys,

I have a simple pdg network with just a mantra node in my HDA. The mantra renderer keeps failing when I run it from HDA but generates the output image when I run it manually.

Based on the log, there is a permission issue but I couldn't figure out what exactly is the issue and how to fix it.

WIP - Stable Diffusion 2022年11月28日8:55

This is a Houdini tool that submits the render output as the init_image and with getting help from PDG, enables artists to easily define variations on the Stable Diffusion parameters like Sampling Method, Steps, Prompt Strength, and Noise Strength.

Unfortunately, couldn't make it to the deadline but I'll release it soon

And I'm looking for SD public servers(with python API) to support some of them.

Best Houdini Utility Entries 2022年11月20日8:33

Hextile is a method for avoiding repetition when tiling textures.

The original code has been developed by mmikk and I just implemented it in Houdini.

Original Code: []