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How to utilize Component Builder extra layer 2023年1月17日20:37

The extra layer will be expressed in the Scene Graph as another descendant of the asset. For instance, if you had 'light1' in your extra layer, then your component output (assuming otherwise default configuration) should have descendants called 'geo', 'mtl', and 'light1'. You could control the light using a Prune, Light Edit, or Light Mixer, just like any other primitive.

Knowing the standard prim path outputs, you could build a primitive pattern to select the extra layers. For instance:
/componentoutput1/* ^(/componentoutput1/geo /componentoutput1/mtl)

That selects everything under /componentoutput1 except for 'geo' and 'mtl'.
Aha, I forgot to check the scene graph. Thanks Bryan!

Component Builder Variant troubles 2023年1月17日8:31

The solution to this problem is to use one ComponentMaterial node per geometry variant. You need to plug them between the ComponentGeometry nodes and the ComponentGeometryVariants node. You can hook them all to the same materialLibrary node.

this maybe works for this simple setup, but what about a for loop for the component geometry lop that feeds into the componentGeometryVariants lop?

I cant get the materials to apply to each variant except the last variant.
I'm exploring a similar setup with for each loop. I wonder how you set up the component output node in the end? I lost all the variants somehow after adding component output node.

I have the same problem :/

I had a look inside Component Output node, it has its own way to determine where to read geo and materials. It’s quite complex, so I changed the node mode to “input geo” instead of “upstream input” (I might get the name wrong, but it’s the first setting in Component Output node).

It works but you don’t have geo / mat as separate usd after output, only payload, but that’s ok. It’s designed that way to export custom asset setups.

How to utilize Component Builder extra layer 2023年1月15日0:19


I'm following the component builder tutorial. I can see adding extra stuff as an extra layer can be quite useful.

Let's say we have a lamp asset. I added a light as extra layer. Now in layout, I reference in the lamp asset, how can I control the lamp light on and off? Basically is there way to control this extra layer?