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Long initialize time on Karma XPU 2022年9月28日4:06

Not sure if anyone else is having this issue or if it's normal. When I try to preview a render with XPU it takes a couple seconds to initialize the optix devices. As opposed to rendering with CPU when the render will start right away.
If I make certain changes in the shader like adding a new node it has to re-initalize. Once the optix devices start rendering it's very fast but constant initializing makes it slow to use and not a very interactive experience.

Perhaps a Optix issue? I'm not sure. I've tried installing the latest Nvidia drivers. I'm using a RTX 3070 + GTX 1080.

Could labs team develop/update the megascans plugin? 2022年9月27日11:07

Yeah current way of importing assets is rather laborious. I would also love to see something like this.

Ribbon gift bow untying 2017年9月6日7:34

Hello I would like to make an animation of a ribbon bow that you see on a gift box such as this,1286621492,2/stock-photo-gold-gift-bow-isolated-on-white-62683189.jpg []

The ribbon would be tied in the bow shape and need to untie in a realistic manner. I'm unsure of what would be the best approach to achieve this. If anyone has advice on how to do this I would be grateful.