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VFX, Motion Graphics, fun in general. Freelance VFX Artist based in Reykjavik, Iceland.



obj-image Beginner
RBD Bullet Solver
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Vellum Worms

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mel backticks issues 2022年11月17日11:06

ohhh "\" before the backticks do the trick

mel backticks issues 2022年11月17日11:01

Hi, so i am running in some errors when using backticks in the command send from houdini to Maya
such as:
editDisplayLayerMembers -noRecurse layer1 `ls -selection`
Is there a way to send backticks to maya with the command send?

view code generated by the generic generator 2022年10月6日4:30

If you want to see the command that's generated for a particular work item, you can ctrl + middle-mouse click on that work item in the TOPs UI. The command line string for the work item will be listed directly in the attribute panel in H19.0 and earlier, and under the Cook Info section in H19.5. That applies to all nodes, not just the generic generator.
Cool thanks @tpetrick. I knew that I must have overlook this somehow.