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Realtime VFX artist using SideFX Houdini.
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Oakland, United States

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Houdini Engine for UE5: Geometry Collections setup 2024年3月14日16:38


That is correct, UE5.0 broke our GC / Chaos integration and I'm currently working on it.
I already fixed GC input last week, and I'm just about done fixing GC output in the plugin.
Likely, expect a fix for all of this in tomorrow's daily build.

As for example HDAs, you can find 3 them in the plugin's content (in Content\Examples\Chaos)

Was this ever fixed? I am just checking. No matter how I match up my settings my objects simply fall through the map. I have tried using no attributes added out of Houdini HDA and the default settings are basically all the same settings as a regular fracture done in UE5.

Houdini VDB to UE5.2 not looking correct 2023年6月8日21:02

I managed to find the problem, looks like I need to create min max bounds attributes on each VDB primitive. Simple fix is plug the sim into a box then write the point min max using an attribute vop / wrangle on a second input.

Houdini VDB to UE5.2 not looking correct 2023年6月8日19:44

I have been able to get a VDB imported with the Montreal plugin and I can see the animations however the density and overall look is poor. I used a reference embergen VDB from their webpage as shown in the demos for the plugin and it looks as expected. I tried exporting a Houdini sim using a VDB from the file cache and the ROP. The main problem being that the density never feels dense enough to even pick up lighting. I even used a volume slice for inspecting values and made sure my Houdini sim had similar values for Density, Flame and Temperature compared to the slices from the Embergen reference. I basically tried to get the attributes looking close, I’m wondering if anyone knows what could be causing different results. Basically density values no matter how nutty the multiplier will get me a volume that is just a faint ambient color with no volume shadows, the whole VDB renders as a flat solid color.