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[Fluid Sim] Collision Object with Deforming Geometry 2022年12月19日10:44

I'm quite convinced there is a bug with my HIPNC file since when I import all my nodes into a new file, the collision guides will work correctly again, I will submit a bug ticket later.

In my personal project, the guide collision object (static object) doesn't have the "wireframe", it's all a smooth blue block, when I tried to animate the collider and use "Deforming geometry", the collider will leaves gaps between every frame, which increasing substep wouldn't help. It seems like the collision object is removed then re-added on each frame.

However, when I open a new file, set up a new fluid DOP with similar geometry, the collision guide will clearly show a wireframe, and the "Deforming geometry" will utilize the animation correctly, the object does not leave any gap at all.

I don't know if this is a bug or some intended behaviour.

I tried to remove the "Collision source" nodes (which were added by using the Shelf tool) but it doesn't seem to do anything. The Surface collision guide also show smooth surface instead triangles like normal

[Simple Fracture] Visualize a collision 2022年12月14日2:37

Thank you very much!
It's working perfectly.

[Simple Fracture] Visualize a collision 2022年12月13日14:28

I'm trying to use "Simple Fracture" tool simulate crushing a fracture object (sphere) with a collision object (box).
I kind of achieved that by setting the "Bullet Data" of the box to "Active" in "RBD configure". However, only the collider is simulated, the box object will stay in place.

Is there a way that I can get the box to move along with the collider?