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Please point me to the file storing the deleted shelves information in HFS 2022年6月14日10:16

Here's the problem:

1. I have V-Ray for Houdini running with a custom V-Ray shelf
2. The shelf is created the first time you start Houdini with V-Ray. A line is appended to the \Documents\houdini17.0\toolbar\default.shelf
The code inside is:

<shelfSetEdit name="shelf_set_2" fileLocation="C:/PROGRA~1/SIDEEF~1/HOUDIN~1.416/houdini/toolbar/ShelfDefinitions.master_shelf">
<addMemberToolshelf name="vray_render" inPosition="17"/>

3. If you Right Mouse Button click and hit Delete Shelf Tab, the shelf is gone permanently.


What I've tried so far (and didn't help):

1. Manually add the line responsible for including the shelf - now it shows up but with no icons. I've tried manually copying the icons - the error does not disappear.
2. Deleting the \Documents\houdini17.0 folder


It seems to me that this deletion is stored somewhere in the install directory. Unfortunately I can't find where.

Please help :-)

All the best!

This undocumented "Delete Shelf Tab" menu item is dangerous, because it silently edits the corresponding .shelf file, removing a "toolshelf" xml element containing the tab name and all it's member tool names. No backup created (or I just not found it).

So, as I can see, the simplest way is to reinstall the plugin providing deleted shelf tab (V-Ray in this case).
Or, if you have an original .shelf file, just copy a "toolshelf" element from it.

Manipulating VDBs in OpenCL SOP Node? 2022年5月25日4:03

Just found two headers in the ocl/include path:

#include "CNanoVDB.h"
#include "CVDBUtil.h"

Then a recast to cnanovdb grid:
const global cnanovdb_griddata *grid = (const global cnanovdb_griddata *) vdb;

Voila! Now I can use cnanovdb family of functions to read VDBs.

Hope this helps!
Only "CVDBUtil.h" must be included, the other two headers are included in it:
#include "CNanoVDB.h"
#include "CSampleFromVoxels.h"
Here is the explanation with an example from Matt Puchala: []

Don't upgrade to NVIDIA driver 496.x- roll back if you did 2022年4月14日2:14

Steffen Dünner
Linux Mint 20.2
nVidia driver 495.29.05
RTX2070 Super

All is fine

EDIT: Houdini instantly closes whenever I add a "Curve" or "Skeleton" SOP and start click in the 3D viewport. Don't know if it's the 495 driver's fault though.

EDIT2: OK, I went back to 470.82.01 and the crashes are gone. Looks like nVidia still has some work to do...
Houdini 19.0.455, GTX1080 Ti, Kubuntu 20.04.
I had the same issues with the same driver, 495.29.05.
After updating to 510.47.03, I can interactively work with the Curve and Skeleton SOPs in the viewport again, without crashing.
Updated right now, not tested enough yet. But the Network view is updating normally and no other problems are observed.