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I am currently employed at TAT Studio

Recent Forum Posts

Read Toggle Button with Python Expression 2024年7月2日15:11


A parameter expression should be used to set that parameter's value. You are attempting to read this parameter's vlaue in an expression that's is meant to set it, so no wonder that it's finishing with an infinit loop.

Take a look at parameter callbacks instead as they sound to fit your need of triggering an event when clicking on the toggle parm.

How to make an HDA behave like a "node block"? 2024年6月21日3:03

Out of curiosity, what kind of data would these node blocks have to fetch and output ? And what kind of application would this help for ?

Guide Mask Sop - Visualisation colours 2024年6月4日18:04


Noticed same thing on these nodes in Houdini 20.

Looking inside, these nodes use a visualize sop with "Attribute As Is" mode. So it looks like the behaviour of this mode has changed from black/red to black/white in Houdini 20, this applys to any attribute, on any class.

Current method for me is to set a Scene Visualizer with desired color ramp on @curvemask attribute, as it's used by Guide Mask and Guide Process nodes for visualization. This way you get same behaviour on all nodes without adding a visualize sop.