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"none type object has no attribute set" sop create 2023年5月31日18:39

Upon experimenting with sop create at stage level I encountered this

I want to do a simple fireball from the shelf tools but can´t because of this, does SOP create has some limiations?
Do I have to make antoher subnetwork for the explosion?

How to get point color option in mtlx? 2023年5月30日0:50

Hi, is it possible to enable the point color in mtlx? I sense it not be possible or it is but kind of hard to pulloff since mtlx doesn´t support vex and point color is referenced by the default color of the sparks generated in the spark node at object level (wich is vex)

or do I just manually change the color to match the spark?

Curve node doing strange geo in SOP 2023年5月25日0:30

Pretty much the title, in object mode it works as intended, in a SOP create network in solaris/stage level
Image Not Found

does some strange stuff