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Location of Noise Presets 2020年3月13日9:19

Hi albinioni

You can find it out in textport

Just simply put in the followinG command: echo $HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR

Custom Variadic Vex Functions 2020年2月13日8:26

Hi traden1976!

Could you please elaborate a little bit, what you try to implement?

New OBJ Loader tool inside GameDevelopmentToolset 2019年11月23日5:39

Hello guys!

I found out that there is a new tool that capable of loading obj geo with mtl material. But I can't find it amongst other gamedev tools. I updated the tools to ver. 1.220 with no luck though. Maybe it's due to apprentice version of Houdini?Please help me to find out.