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I don't know what to make of this.... 2023年11月29日11:49

Am I confused or is Houdini?

Camera Background image Sequence not updating in H 20 2023年11月10日17:05

I just discovered it, not yet reported.
But there seems to me more things wrong with the viewport:
The 2D Pan and Zoom applies the Zoom or Pan wrong to the Background image, making it useless (in Solaris the Zoom works but the BG image doesn't follow panning). Also custom Wireframecolors do not seem to get applied to object wireframes.

Camera Background image Sequence not updating in H 20 2023年11月10日16:46

While the new options for camera background images are welcome, the background image does not seem to support numbered sequences.
The frame number variable ($F8) always defaults to the current frame and removes the variable in the display settings dialogue.
This is an oversight, isn't it? Instead of making the sequences load into 128 gig RAM, not my GPU's 12 gig Vram, which I prefer to use for rendering, I now have to add yet another step to the workflow, having to convert all my sequences to video first.
I hope this gets fixed soon. And thought through.