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Iron Heart Submissions 2024年4月4日15:12

Well, that's it. My first Mardini completed. This was such a fun month!!! I've had a ball...I've barely had any sleep, but I got my Iron Heart submission in order and I'm genuinely so proud to have got from 1 to 31. Massive thanks to Moeen, Robert and the team at SideFX for this amazing program.

It's been such a joy to log on daily and see the amazing ways people use the nodes and also pore over the beautiful art pieces everyone has made. And the excitement of getting home after work to log into Houdini and get creative. A dream! Mardini has developed my skills more than I could have expected and I'm so grateful for the community aspect.

I'm looking forward to next year


Day 16 | VFX | Ocean Spectrum | Image 2024年4月4日14:59

Day 16 - Ocean Spectrum
~ Gates of Atlantis ~

Day 24 | Character | Crowd Motion Path | Image 2024年4月4日14:32

Day 24 - Crowd Motion Path
~ Electra Hawk ~