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Deserialize a full graph 2020年10月19日18:52

Already did it.
Thank you.

Deserialize a full graph 2020年10月15日17:41

In case of option #1 we will full up our render machines really fast : )

Option #2 sounds cool!
Is it possible to dump data to the file from a PDG State Server? So if we can't find an alive server then we fall back to predefined directory with dump. Also would be nice to have the option of dump verbosity to prevent really huge files (huge files as it is with Serialized Graph right now).

Deserialize a full graph 2020年10月13日23:03

Yes, it can be started through the pdgd API.

Scheduler creates a state server - do you think it is the right way? Maybe better to use some Event Handler for this purpose if it's possible?

At the end of the cook the script serializes the task graph state to a python file to disk. This could be used to load the state of the graph as it was when the cook ended.

That what we are doing right now but it is really slow. To deserialize a PDG graph you have to open the hip file first and sometimes the hip file could be huge. It can take minutes to load all those things.
Also, it is not convenient to change a visualisation workflow which depends on a job state (running, done or failed).
Any idea for a better/faster solution?