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How to create cigarette smoke, a Houdini tutorial by Alessandro Pepe 2016年8月24日0:22

Hi all!

Our new GridMarkets Houdini Artist Profile features Alessandro Pepe, Lead FX TD at Framestore, Los Angeles. He shares a detailed and systematic tutorial on how to create cigarette smoke using Houdini:

For more information on Alessandro's work, visit his website:

We hope you'll like Alessandro's amazing tutorial!

Patricia and the GridMarkets team

New GridMarkets Houdini Artist Profile: Phill Mayer from The Mill 2016年7月8日16:36

Hello everyone!

Talented Houdini artist Phill Mayer has a knack for ink in water effects. Find out more about his career in our new artist profile:

We hope you enjoy our feature,

Patricia and the GridMarkets team

Cloud rendering > recommendations? 2016年6月23日17:44

Hi Eco_Bach!

You are welcome to try our platform out by signing up for our service. Here is the link: []

We provide a series of complimentary credits so you can see for yourself if cloud rendering fits your needs.


Patricia and the GridMarkets team