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| Tiny Houdini Engine usage showcase | 2018年1月18日3:16

Thx a lot man, glad you liked it!)

| Tiny Houdini Engine usage showcase | 2018年1月17日11:03

Hey everyone,
Have just finished Unity's Neon challenge and…wanted to say thx to everyone involved in engine's development and support, awesome to see it growing
Here is what i was able to make with it's help from scratch in…46 days)
Engine was mostly used for buildings and a fluid-vortex-thing effect)

“Making of”)

| "Make Loop" tool problem | 2018年1月12日15:33

Hey everyone,

Been working on a simple flow simulation lately and it's all been good with the only thing : once i try to make a loop out of it , it got torn and jittered in some weird way.Maybe someone has encountered smth. alike…there is a scene in attach. just in case) Thanks and advance!