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IRON HEART WINNERS | Date Changed - you may need to repost 2022年3月31日15:22

It's been an absolute rollercoaster this month and a great pleasure being a part of mardini again this year.

A ton of aesthetically beautiful & technically impressive art work submitted this year.

Very well done to all involved and participants.

See y'all next year.

Day 31 Image | Solaris | Material Variation 2022年3月31日13:23

Day 30 Image | Solaris | Light Mixer 2022年3月30日11:38

Day 30 - Mardini - Solaris Light Mixer.

Ok, I've been wanting to do this for a loooong time now. Skin shader in redshift.

I am a big big fan of lighting and cinematography.

Here came along a chance to do both.

Despite my best efforts I couldn't match the UV to textures using houdini native head geo. Therefore I used the geo the textures came with which is actually a free 3d model available here []

The scene was setup using solaris and redshift along with head model and textures from the aforementioned website.

I am absolutely exstatic to get a result like this although I wasnt familiar with neither skin shader in redshit nor solaris. (NOTE: Redshift documentation for skin shader is very good)

Thanks to sidefx for this opportunity as I wouldnt have done this if it wasn't for mardini challenge.

Right, here's the image entry for today.

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