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Technical Director
United Kingdom

Experienced Senior CFX TD . Focused on procedural CFX, mostly muscle/tissue simulations.


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How do I see procedural textures in the viewport? 2022年8月9日18:09

Eliezer Carvalho VFX
I would like to be able to see a single procedural node textures in the viewport to adjust simple things like size of noise, it is very helpful.

That thing is missing in Houdini even today, indeed.
Let's see if it changes in H20 with the upcoming Vulkan viewport. Crossed fingers!

Any houdini 19.5 rumors? 2022年7月14日14:05

Maybe they are going the classic product launch way, with event first and later the sneakpeek as a launch event short recap. Soon enough we will see anyway
I vastly prefer this route. When they did a "sneak peek" video for H19, that clip showed pretty much everything from the presentation, and made the presentation feel a bit weak. Not the release, mind you, because 19 is an amazing update, but the excitement from watching the presentation itself was definitely deflated somewhat.

I disagree completely. The official presentation is always very powerful and informative. And the sneak peak is like a golden visit card for the whole thing. Like any interesting thing, you tease people first. IMHO

Import block mask & token explanation 2022年6月2日18:52

In the example above we are importing from the internal node "blendshapes2" the folder "blah", but just the ones starting with "voxel".