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Dual monitor setup 2019年12月14日9:11

Thank You very much for your useful answers.
I've solved following your indications and saved the customized desktop setup as “dual”. In the preferences options i saved this custom desktop setup as initial one instead of “build”. On the secondary monitor i have placed network pane, material pane and tree view, leaving attributes and its nearly panels on the first monitor with viewport.
Thanks more.
ps: I'll publish the relative screenshot very soon…

Houdini Engine for Modo 2019年12月14日0:51

Would be awesome to have Houdini Engine to MODO.
I agree. Hope there will be very soon…

Dual monitor setup 2019年12月12日16:24

Hi at all Users,
sorry for my bad english, my name is Ross (Rosario) and i'm from Italy. This is my first post here and i'm a very newbie about Houdini, Apprentice version for this moment (hope to upgrade to Indie very soon), very amazing tool. About 3D computer-graphics, my background is from Lightwave and Modo. Please, can I ask a question?

Does it possible to set the Houdini graphic-user-interface for 2 monitors (dual display)?

Anyway, thank you very much in all the cases.