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Camera switching in stage not working 2023年3月14日13:06

does that mean the previous fix of adding '+ $F * 0' to any attribute ever animated on any camera is no longer needed

I'm going to cheat and say "try it ... if it works, then it works"

Cheating is my middle name, didn't get time to test this out this morning but will do! Hopefully no more gotchas at this point, and I've learnt a thing or two about troubleshooting USD here to push my project forwards so fingers crossed!

Camera switching in stage not working 2023年3月14日11:28

Give it a spin and let me know!

- Rob

Gave it a spin, a confirmed two thumbs up!

I was going to ask if I could just bake the camera's xform down if the checkbox was a hassle, but seems like that is what your solution is anyway.

Just to be clear; You're merging xform:transform + xform:transform:foofoo (ie the parent transform above the camera) + xform:transform:lookat back into the xform:transform, then removing the tokens so that xformOpOrder now only includes a single token xformOp:transform - ie baking down all the transforms *per frame*.

If that's a yes from you, does that mean the previous fix of adding '+ $F * 0' to any attribute ever animated on any camera is no longer needed, seeing as the python snippet is evaluated per frame, and assumingly doesn't care if an attr is static or not?

Thanks, as always!

Camera switching in stage not working 2023年3月13日19:54

Yes ... so there's one more "gotcha"

I'm wondering if there's another "gotcha" lurking around somewhere... so I've added + $F * 0 in more places than I think is needed (even after bezier(), which should really not be needed, but I guess shows I'm pulling my hair out once again). I've also added it to 'enable look at' which are also driven by curves, but just in case stepped curves for some reason weren't evaluated properly.

There's now a mismatch between "live" and cached data around frame 5970 despite me ensuring the setups for each camera are identical and curves existing on all frames. I've drilled it down to the highlighted camera's 'enable look at'. If one simply switches (using "live" data) it on and off no difference is seen. I have to remove the curve from that checkbox, and only then do I see a difference when switching it on and off. It being off now also matches the cached data.. but I of course want it on.

Are binary things like checkedboxes looked at differently by Houdini's USD caching?