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help using bitmaps to generate models 2019年9月13日3:35

you might have fun reading this: []
That article looks super. However it refers to a file that is no longer available. If anyone has acess to this from before, or have another reference please share

How to bake texture colors into vertex colors, preserve them in/after VDB, and merge coplanars after mirroring? 2018年4月24日2:21

Is there a hip file we can looksi?

Vdb and transfer materials or color 2018年4月20日13:55

I need to solve a similar problem.
I used from qLib gallery: SOP Gallery, qLib–SOP/Volumes -> VDB/SDF Geo Blending subnetwork.
The incomin
geometry has textures. Is there a way to mantain and transfer UVs and textures?