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Making two separate dynamic objects play nicely together 2017年4月25日21:03

Hello, I have a LV belt. The belt is an FEM object, and the buckle is a RigidBody object. I want them to be attached so when the entire belt falls the leather deforms, but the buckle stays rigid. But I want them to fall together as they would IRL. Help??

In the screenshot you see them hit the floor and begin doing their own separate things. How to constrain RBD buckle to FEM belt.

Houdini to UE4 Vertex Animation (Fluid) issue in UE4 2017年4月9日23:38

Hi, I have followed Luiz's GDC tutorial trying to get my billowy smoke out as a vertex animation.

It keeps coming in to UE4 very strangely and I can't figure out the issue.

Any idea on what is causing this in the images below?

You can kind of see the animation playing, but it is exploded into a bunch of surfaces.

Hair/Fur into Maya as Alembic question 2017年3月30日23:10

Thank you for the response