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Fields not updating in custom HDK node 2022年10月10日13:45


So I wrote a quick HDK node to use in a fluid simulation, but for some reason the fields are not updating.
I essentially just wrote a node for the DOP context following similar methods as the nodes found in the HDK samples that come with Houdini (using Houdini 18.5).
Using a basic fluids solver, I tried to plug in my node in lieu of the projectnondivergent subsolver.
The node I wrote is currently just trying to add a simple constant value (i.e. 5) to the y component of the velocity field.
However, although the values seem to be updating when I debug the node (with simple print statements), the velocities are unaffected in the simulation itself (as in they reset every timestep the simulation runs through the network).
I call pubHandleModification on the SIM_VectorField that holds the velocity values, but it doesn't seem to actually update anything.

I have also simply tried compiling the sample nodes. I compiled the GAS_Add example and tried adding the 'vel' field with itself, but nothing changes in that case either.
Just wondering if I am missing something here? Or are there certain restrictions to affecting field in a DOP context that I am unaware of?

Any help is much appreciated.

Concave Hull in Houdini 2017年10月25日13:43

Thanks. Those are all good suggestions. I will look into them.

Concave Hull in Houdini 2017年10月24日13:01

A good suggestion thanks. Unfortunately I can't use voronoi fracture in my case because I don't have a geometry to break. I am working off a particle system and trying to find a concave representation of the points in said system.