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19.5 on Windows 11 22H2 update 2022年10月6日14:04

Very strange, in a positive way. Just tried again and no concerns re License server error messages that I was having and Houdini is up and running. Relieved +++

19.5 on Windows 11 22H2 update 2022年10月3日16:33

This may be purely coincidental, however having updated to 22H2 the License server is not running so unable to have Houdini boot up.

unsupported VDB file format H17 2022年2月4日17:36

I ran into this problem again in 18.5.633, and while the VDB does render in Redshift, I am seeing the "unsupported VDB" warning.

To remove the warning, I converted to a Volume and then back to VDB.
Nice tip, works for me too.