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Apex 😴 2024年5月23日12:06

I am learning Apex, I did a simple tuto: Your text to link here... [www.youtube.com] and stop it at 18 min... I control are not showing..I really don't know what wrong here...

Thank you for your feedback...

its posible to "Center Pivot to Vertex" insted Bou 2024年3月22日12:59

not working for me

gas match field issue 2024年3月16日15:57

By default, the collision field resolution is the same as the particle separation specified in the flip object. If you are fine with the particle resolution but not with the collision, you can turn on collision separation and set a higher value.

The collision type is highly dependent on the use case. But as the name suggests, static collision for colliders that have no movement or deformation. If your sim is driven by a collision, then volume collisions are probably the better choice as they directly affect the velocity field. If you use volume collisions, make sure that the collision detection is set to "Move outside collision". Otherwise, the particles could pass through the collision volume.

Thank you so much for all your explanations, that's make everything clearer!! I wish I can solve and make it great!