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USD viewport 2023年1月24日14:26

The sunglasses icon on the right side of the LOPs viewer has options for which purpose to display.

Houdini 20 Rumors 2023年1月17日11:39

Also +1 to improvements in the Animation Editor, there needs to be some Fitt's Law love on grabbing those teeny tiny four-pixel-wide time handles.

Absolutely! This is the Animation Editor's biggest sin and what kills the workflow the most, all the mis-clicks. Adjusting tangents, keyframe values and keyframe positions should be doable with the mouse cursor anywhere in the editor, not just over the tiny gizmos. Look at how Maya handles this for example.

Only Using GPU when in XPU mode? 2023年1月9日17:06

From the docs here: []

If this env var is set, Karma XPU will not use any Embree CPU devices.

So it sounds like you can set this variable to 1 in your houdini.env or system environment and it should no longer bother with the CPU.

-Edit: AslakKS beat me to it