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Smoke Solver without source volume 2018年6月12日6:59

He is sourcing from the SOP Vector Field DOP called “get_color”. In the sim he only got this color field and velocity, so the “smoke” you are referring to is the color field visualized as smoke (Vector Field Visualization node).

use packed rbd sim as "static deforming objects" 2018年5月20日9:07

First, you cant use the Static Solver for this. You need to use the bullet solver. Then either set active,animated,deforming attributes correctly (you still have those from the previous sim, which is set wrong for the new sim). Or delete those attributes and set the initial object type to “create animated static objects”. Yes you should use animated static in this case, since they are animated and not deforming. Animated is usually a lot faster as well so you should do that whenever you can.

Looping Smoke with gasresizefluiddynamic 2018年5月11日6:57

Copy the resizing simulation into a static sized volume. Then you can do the loop on that.