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time sampled variants? 2023年6月5日3:22

Old thread but I have a similar problem with Arnold and material variants. Karma accepts setting the variants and it's lovely and beautiful but Arnold complains about "time varying variant selections". The cache lop removes the error but Arnold ignores the variant settings.

Houdini 20 Rumors 2023年6月4日5:44

I hope we can get a camera composition grid overlay for rule of thirds, Fibonacci spirals and diagonal lines. C4D has this and it makes scene block outs so much easier.

You have Video safe areas and Field guides in the display options. Maybe there's already an easy hack to modify those?

Karma CPU samples and Karma XPU samples 2023年5月16日6:36

I think xpu sampling in 19.5 is just a uniform sample count identical for every pixel. Nothing clever about, it just runs whatever samples you specify over everything. I expect that to change in future versions.