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Normalized wedge attribute 2024年4月2日2:39

What's the best way to create random normalized wedge attributes in TOPs?

What's the reason for OpenCL Neighbor Search failing? 2024年3月8日4:51

I have a grain sim where all grains completely vanish after a certain amount of frames. According to the docs disabling OpenCl Neighbor Search fixes that. It does but what's the reason for the failure in the first place? Memory doesn't seem to be the culprit. Can I keep the OpenCL goodness while avoiding the unpredictable vanishing problems?

"Render All Frames with a Single Process" 2024年2月29日3:52

I think it avoids doing pre-render stuff for each frame again and again, regardless of whether they are animated or not, so that by switching it on it goes 'aha, all this stuff stays the same, cool cool'. It's like a postman who would stop at every house, switch off engine, lock doors, deliver, unlock doors, get in, wipe off some dirt, start the engine again, etc, vs getting out once and doing the round on foot for a while. As for downsides, I'm not sure but perhaps it avoids building up caches, general stability, and doing the whole sequence processing on every machine (if on farm).