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file chooser very slow 2023年10月21日10:19

Have exactly same issue here. Might be cause I am using 3rd party render engine, 3delight in my case?

Rotate UVs as in World space after Flatten 2023年1月16日11:42

As usual pure gold from you!

I hope one day I will be able to understand what you did here

Thanks a lot!

Rotate UVs as in World space after Flatten 2023年1月14日13:21

Thanks for this, will check these suggestions!

What I need to have is everything to be procedural. As this is going to be HDA in Unity.

Can you provide an example of a desired result?

I want island to be rotated as in world space. So bottom of UV island in 3D needs to be bottom of island in UV space too. Artist apply texture with arrows pointing up. On some parts of geo it is correctly pointing up, on others it is pointing down and others left or right (cause UV islands are randomly rotated). Need all of them to point up. I know I can do it with UV Unwrap, or like Cubic mapping, thing is that artist wants less islands, and less seams. As possible. UV Flatten gives me that, but introduce orientation.

Less advance version of this:

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