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workitem by index in sops 2022年11月14日20:51

I found the answer to my own question for anyone else interested
node = hou.node(path to pdg node)
pdg_node = node.getPDGNode()

#Get work item by index make sure it's unique per work item
work_item = pdg_node.workItems[index]

#Access attributes using python workItem methods ex.
name = work_item.stringAttribute("name")

workitem by index in sops 2022年11月14日13:53

Is there a way to access a particular pdg node and workitem by its index in a python sop?

USD Materials 2022年8月18日23:55

Thank you for this. I have a script that takes usd materials and converts them to principled shaders so that I can export to gltf. This isn’t yet available in Solaris so I was trying to find an automated way to do so