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Importing Material Assignments from Older HDAs 2021年4月12日20:04

I'm not sure why it doesn't work, but it doesn't seem to work...

Importing Material Assignments from Older HDAs 2021年4月12日0:57

Nice! This technique works great with HDAs. It would be nice if it would work with Object Merge nodes as well, to get to sop_materialpath from sops.

Importing Material Assignments from Older HDAs 2021年4月11日17:00

hello Solaris team --

I have a tricky issue I've been trying to solve for a few days - I've got several years of HDAs, things like tables and chairs, which all assign materials in SOPs. In general these don't use groups, but rather assign materials before a merge. for example, a chair with a slatted seat and back would have slatMat assigned and legMat assigned, and then the two streams are combined for output.

i've got the material library in LOPs no problem - is there a way to assign it using shop_materialpath?