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Karma adds extra folder to output? 2023年9月11日17:34

Sorry for what I suspect is total noob question/issue.

I've managed to get my lopnet exporting to USD files for rendering with Husk via Deadline.

Somewhere along the way an extra directory or two are added to my output path- these don't exist so then Deadline fails the job. If I add said missing directories, it works just fine.

The path "render/3D_render" gets added.
So, if I set Output Picture to "$HIP/test_render" the workers end up looking for "$HIP/test_render/render/3D_render"

I can't figure out where this is coming from, any suggestions or ideas?

I know the easy fix is to just add those directories my file structure or figure out how to let the worker nodes write missing directories (that seemed to work with Mantra?) but I'd like to better understand what's going on and what I'm doing wrong.


Pin KineFX Ragdoll? 2022年7月31日9:22

Playing with the KineFX setup.

Using an FBX character import node.

I'd like to pin a joint to an animated external point/geo while running a ragdoll simulation.
Essentially a character with a guide wire the lifts it up/down while passed out.

I see the "external constraints" in the ragdoll constraints node, but it doesn't seem to do anything when I pass external (packed) geometry into it.

Any ideas?


No Density from ConvertVDB Node? 2022年5月17日19:02

Rendering in Houdini with an engine that needs VDBs to render pyro sims.

I seem to recall this just meant passing the bgeo sequence into a convertVDB node and then another filecache node to save it?

However, when I inspect my convertVDB node I see my density field is 0,0,0 (as opposed to having density values when inspecting the file node loading my bgeo sequence!). So, nothing gets rendered.

I've tried using *, @name=density, and just leaving the group field empty.
My other fields are getting there (temperature, flame, etc) just not density!

Am I missing something? Using Houdini 19.0.531