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translate whole sim cache to a few frames later. offset 2016年5月3日5:34


I'm in a issue.

I'm reading a sim cache with a file node. But I would like that my sim start at frame 50. I mean, start reading the sim at frame 1, when my timeline is in frame50. translate the whole cache so it started 50 frames later.

Any ideas???


Geometry disappears when increasing particle separation 2016年4月22日4:23


Does anyone knows why Houdini deletes part of my geometry when I increase the particle separation in flip fluids??

I need to increase it in order to have more detail in the model but suddenly part of geo has disappear.

Any ideas??

How to apply low res sim to high res geo? 2016年4月21日11:07

No because that is for solid objects and I want to apply the flip fluid sim to the original geometry