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XPU and memory usage, out of core 2023年4月29日22:44

Hi Brians, how is the "Out of Core" progressing with Karma XPU, seems like a lot of the other renderers have versions of it, if it was only to take care of the textures and not the meshes then that would be a tremendous help with the memory load.

Houdini 20 Rumors 2023年4月26日17:32

As I mainly model and use the PolyDraw sop, the integration of the functionality of the Edit sop would be a great help, with it's the ability to select a point on a mesh in the Perspective view and manipulate it with the handles, PolyDraw really needs this, at the moment I have to go into top, right/left or front/back views to move the PolyDraw selected point/s for any accuracy.

Houdini 20 Rumors 2023年4月20日17:30

Very good list. When it comes to modeling>symmetry, I wish the mirror SOP would be fixed before adding more features around this.
The way the seam consolidation is handled is absolutely atrocious, no other 3d DCC solves this so poorly. When you finish a re-topologized character for example and mirror it, you have to disable the useless "Consolidate Seam" and manually select the medial borders of each half and fuse them.
I use the Mirror sop all the time when I model, if there was a snap to the points of the mirrored side, that would be nice, but all in all it does what I need.