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Request for Mechanical Rigging Tutorial Series 2022年10月5日7:10

To be honest, I’ve spent a good number of months doing R&D on an alternative (rigid binding + limb detachment + real-time physics) in NVidia Omniverse.

I shouldn’t say an alternative, more like a handoff - setup everything in Houdini + Animation, then hand that off to Omniverse where it’s real-time physics includes allowing forces to break joints (limb detachment).

Request for Mechanical Rigging Tutorial Series 2022年10月5日7:03

SideFX did add support for rigid rigs into the KineFX system, it was explained in one of the recent KineFX Masterclasses I believe.

If I recall correctly, if the binding has only a single weight (to a packed prim for example), then it is evaluated as a rigid binding - and no deform calculation is attempted when the rig articulates.

…I think that meets my needs (along with the other KineFX improvements that where made)

Now! - the fiasco that is limb detachment and the high tech. hurdle of moving the Rig into Crowds…that still needs some loving.

Pretty smooth so far 2022年3月12日10:45

Okay, we've been racking our brains about why RS was not rendering, using the default install process - and there's still some kinks to be ironed out - BUT, there is a path forward in the interim.

If you follow these exacts steps, you'll be rendering with RS in no time on Apple Silicon.