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HEngine Unity - Universal Render Pipeline Houdini Shaders 2020年9月17日10:24

Hey all,

I've been diving in the documentation and the forum, but cannot find any information on how to migrate the plug-in shaders to a Universal Render Pipeline project.

Does anyone have any tips/tricks on how to set those up correctly?


[Issue] - Heightfield Terrain Layers don't properly refresh 2020年9月17日8:52

Hey all,

I'm working on a terrain/biome tool that generates various terrain layers for different biomes.

For boosting the tool performance I have switches for the generation of terrain layers as well as a fully untextured mode. The user can specify which territories he/she would like textured.

Unfortunately both Rebuild/Recook do not clean/rebuild the layers properly, which is what the Engine Documentation states. The attached video illustrates the lingering data - []

Perhaps I'm making a wrong assumption or have an error. I can provide the project too (hip has way too much data dependencies to be useful).

The steps to reproduce are fairly simple - create an hda generating a heightfield and where the terrain layer generation is behind a switch. Test the switch in Unity.

Best regards,

For Each [Feedback] w/ heightfields, not fetching output? 2020年7月20日5:07

Hey guys,

I'm having a system in which I want to project incoming shapes onto a heighfield in a for each loop - set to Fetch Feedback and Feedback each iteration so that the projections are sequential.

The problem is that when I preview in single pass, the previous shape is not projected and taken into account of current one. Instead the shapes are projected on the unmodified terrain individually.

Has any of you had similar issues/results. I'll provide the scene on demand.