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New feature: UCX / Simple Collisions 2017年1月25日15:50

That was it, thank you

New feature: UCX / Simple Collisions 2017年1月20日15:17

I copied exactly what you have, but am still unable to achieve the correct result.

With ‘Group Type’ set to Points, I get no collision at all. With it set to Prims, I get multiple separated meshes, that act as complex colliders.

Is it possible that I am not on the correct plugin version? I installed a clean version of Houdini 16.0.450 and included plugins with UE4 4.14.3

I've attached my setup matching yours in case there is anything extra that I am missing. I am creating a digital asset directly from sphere_object1

New feature: UCX / Simple Collisions 2017年1月19日20:17

I have a tool setup to modify the collision of a houdini asset in UE4 but am stuck on how to make the collision apart of the same component as my mesh.. I've tried just merging them in the graph, but it creates two components, which is still just the old complex collision model.

How would I make this relationship in the graph, so I only have one component with real collision hulls on bake?