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COPs Tri planar? 2023年2月22日19:56

Is there a way to do tri planar in COPs using a position map and world space map like Substance Designer?

Vincent Griffith

LABS Substance Material Node SBSAR Resolution Issue 2023年2月21日16:30

Hey everyone!

In designer my sbsar I created looks as intended, inside Houdini the sbsar looks ultra low res and there is a gamma shift as well. In designer I set the resolutions for the nodes inside the sbsar to absolute at 8k but still looks bad in Houdini with the resolution on 8k on the substance material node. It also looks equally bad in Substance Painter as well. Not sure if you might be able to help if you have some experience with using the LABS Substance Material node inside of Houdini.

Vincent Griffith

Substance Designer SBSAR - Change Bitmaps Within Houdini 2023年2月15日23:15

Hello everyone!!!

I want to make a SBSAR file out of Designer that allows me to be able to sub out Diffuse, Normal, AO, Roughness maps within Houdini off of my disk within the Substance Material node. What can I do in Designer to make an input that allows me to pull image maps off disk inside of Houdini and or Painter or whatever?

Vincent Griffith