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set houdini_temp_folder by a detail attribute 2023年5月12日7:39

hi, I`m trying to set houdini_temp_folder from my hda. So on detail I created attribute:
s@unreal_temp_folder = "/Game/level/Houdini/Temp/";
But it doesn't work but if I enter the same path manually - it works

what am I doing wrong?

making a foliage scatter hda for unreal 2023年5月12日6:08

Hi, I made a simple digital asset that scatters foliage instances on a selected geometry. It works. I can bake the output of my tool to foliage. But after bake, the foliage placed by my asset and the foliage placed through the unreal native foliage editor behave differently.
Namely, if I move the object on which I grew the foliage, then the unreal foliage remains on the object and moves with the object as if it is attached to the object.
And the Foliage generated by my tool is just floating in the air.
I would like my Foliage to follow the object on which it was generated but have not the slightest idea of what is responsible for this behavior.

What about Houly 2022? 2022年7月2日16:38

let's hope for good Hougust then