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Congratulations to the Winners! 2021年11月2日3:51

Congratulations to everyone! Really impressive tools

Instancing stacic meshes to a single point 2021年9月26日6:50

I'm trying to get static meshes to instance to one point only, to limit the amount of polygons generated on my HDAs. The issues is I can't seem to get it working once it reaches ONE point only. It works fine with any given number above. Is there a smarter way to go about instancing stacig meshes to a singular point, or is this just not possible?

Best Game Art Asset Entries 2021年9月25日13:11

Building HDA - created to make it easier for game level designers to quickly iterate their ideas and blockouts into something that is procedural and fast, yet maintaing an art design that is adequate to their overall concept.

The tool is driven by BSP shapes inside of Unreal, but can also be used inside of houdini with box shapes following the rules that it's currently limited by. As it stands right now, it can only take geoemtery that is 2x2 meters or 2x2.5 meters, and this is due to design choice and the way I've designed the HDA, feel free to change/use the HDA to create something closer to your liking if need be.

Please see the attached files that I've uploaded, inside should be both the HDA, unreal project, houdini scene, and the materials/mesh that is used to create the building. Hopefully you enjoy the HDA and feel free to msg me if something doesn't make sense!

download the files here []

All the best and good luck to all participating,
Victor Skarbye