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Best Houdini Utility Entries 2024年1月8日12:24

Delete Geometry data node.

Deletes attributes and groups from input geometry.

Hello everyone!
I always found deleting attributes and groups in Houdini tedious, especially if I am not sure whats the name of the attributes/groups I want to keep or delete.

  • HDA will generate button strips of attributes and groups, so users can visually select what to delete/keep.
  • HDA will keep track of input geometry changes, update menu strips, and keep any relevant selection for new geometry.

Best Houdini Utility Entries 2021年9月29日15:22

Glad I saw this challenge early this month because I took this opportunity to make this tool
For easier workflow, this HDA will allow to enter a viewer state and assign any group type within a single node.
Main features:
* Assign multiple groups with interactive viewer state
* Interactively see the selection based on a normal angle for primitive groups
* Convert point, primitive groups to attribute
* Automatically transfer previous group parameter values to the next one
* hotkeys for easier group management within a viewport
* Normal cusp angle set with a hotkey within a viewport
Edit: Just wanted to add that tool currently is only python 3 supported

Accessing Select by normals with Python? 2021年8月26日21:39

Is there any way to access select by normals, and also control cusp angle with scripting? Unless I totally missed it, seem like there's no such a way?